archive :: 14. Jul

For current work, please visit the N O R M A L S website.

Red Dot 2020 :: 01. Oct

Molecular Futures won a Red Dot Award 2020. It was a pleasure working on the project together with Björn Theis, Johannes Mahn and NORMALS.


Foresight Filmfestival :: 26. Sep

Thank you, Foresight-Filmfestival! Moving Parts won the second place in this year's competition.

Talk at MECS Leuphana University :: 16. Jan

I'm giving a talk at the MECS Lecture Series in Lüneburg today.


Conjectural Futures Conference :: 06. Nov

I helped the foresight teams of Deutsche Bahn and Evonik as a programme curator with Foresight Conference Conjectural Futures at the Silent Green in Berlin.


Holen und Bringen :: 21. Oct

I'll do a short presentation of Moving Parts at the 1,2,3, Logistik Conference which is part of the Werkleitz Biennale Holen und Bringen in Halle.


Matter of Horror :: 28. Jun

Gunnar Green and me exhibiting Not Yet Heard as part of the Matter of Horror exhibition at VPA Solyanka. Thanks to the Goethe Institut, we are also travelling to Moskow for the opening to give a talk.

Beauty of Oil at Arsenal Kino :: 24. Jun

Beauty of Oil is presenting its second Revue Petro Noir found footage montage around Petro Modernity at the Arsenal Kino in Berlin today. The event is part of the Energy Humanities East conference.


Vienna :: 02. Mar

I'm looking forward to spending the month as an artist in residence at Q21 Museumsquartier in Vienna.


Beauty of Oil at HKW :: 01. Dec

The Beauty of Oil (Alexander Klose, Benjamin Steininger and myself) is hosting the Hydrocarbons chapter of 1948 Unbound at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in. It is an evening of talks discussions held under a 20 meter, 4 channel video installation created by The Beauty of Oil.


Beirut Design Week :: 20. May

Thanks for inviting me give a talk at the Beirut Design Week at the Sursock Museum today. My work is also on show at the exhibition.


WON A PRICE :: 01. Jun

Happy news – Life is Good for Now won the Core77 Design Award in the Speculative Concept Category.


You know what's nice on the eyes? :: 31. May

Gunnar and myself got interviewed about 75000 Futures recently. Find the articles on, and


Life is Good For Now – Zürich :: 22. Nov

Life is Good for Now is part of the exhibition at the Voegele Kulturzentrum. The exhibition is still on until 20.3.2016


FORM Magazin :: 01. Sep

Life is Good for Now ziert das Cover und einige Seiten der aktuellen Ausgabe der FORM mit dem Titel 'Health and Design'.


Corpus Ludus Militaris :: 20. Aug

Marian Kaiser and me got invited to speak at a little conference called Corus Ludus militaris at Panemune Castle in Lithuania which is part of Vilnius Art Academy. We presented the SNARK – the Contingency Race - a series of fictional military strategy papers identifying contingency as the only valid military paradigm in an age of simulation.

The Poetics and Politics of Data :: 09. Apr

Life ist Good for Now will be on display at Haus der elektronischen Künste in Basel. It is part of the Exhibition 'The Poetics and Politics of Data' which will run from 29.05.2015 - 30.08.2015.

Montreal Trip :: 10. Mar

Zil Livas and me organised a trip to Montreal. Together with 8 Students we were
invited by Lynn Hughes to work for 1o days at Concordia University’s Technoculture Art and Games Lab. The results were exhibited at the Goethe Institut Montreal who also supported the trip.

Commission by TA-SWISS :: 14. Jan

Ludwig Zeller and me got commissioned by the Swiss Center for Technology Assessment (TA-SWISS) to produce work for the exhibition The Poetics and Politics of Data at the HEK in Basel. The question is how precision medicine, the collection of lifestyle data on a big scale and data the idea of informational self-determination could develop in a future Switzerland.


75000 Futures on :: 24. Sep

Gunnar and myself published a text that is part of the 75000 Futures book on Thank you Sam Hart and Sascha Pohflepp.


Revolving Stars :: 12. Jun

I'm happy to announce the conference Revolving Stars, Shaky Grounds – Constellations of Precarious Knowledge in Art, Science and Technology, that Marian Kaiser the F-A-S-T team and myself have been working on for the past months. At the Festspielhaus in Dresden Hellerau, 42 Artists, technologists, scientists and theoreticians will present and discuss constellations of speculative knowledge and thinking in uncertain times.


KHM :: 05. May

Bye bye Berlin, I just started a new job as lecturer – Künstlerisch-Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter or KüWi as they call it here – at the Kunsthochschule für Medien in Cologne.

F-A-S-T_lecture :: 01. Dec

Have a look at our F-A-S-T Lecture Series.

F-A-S-T :: 01. Oct

Marian Kaiser and myself are going to run seminars and a lecture series at the
F-A-S-T programme in Dresden. F-A-S-T stands for Framing Art, Science and Technologie and is a EU funded collaboration between the Technical University Dresden, the Hochschule der bildenden Künste and the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft in Dresden.

Festival der Utopie :: 30. Sep

Helge Fischer from Bold Futures and me were invited to run a Design Fiction workshop at Festival der Utopie. It was titled "Crash Cultures" and participants were asked to design a future mobility scenario from the perspective of the crashes that will happen with particular technologies, infrastructures and cultures of mobility. Some of the results are presented on their website.


MIT Thresholds, Issue 40, Socio :: 02. Jul

Gunnar Green and myself published an article about "Extra Room" in Thresholds.
Thresholds is the Journal of the MIT Department of Architecture. Issue 40, Socio—, is about socially charged cultural practice and is edited by Jonathan Crisman.


rothamel :: 02. Jan

Belief Systems will be on display at Galerie Rothamel from 07.01.2012 to 11.02.2012.

Glitch Fiction :: 26. Aug

Gunnar Green and me will be exhibiting Not Yet Heard at Glitch Fiction which is part of the Paris Design Week.


Also exhibiting: Studio Good one
Xavier Poultney –
Austin Houldsworth –
David Benqué –
Nicolas Myers – Nitipak Samsen –
Ilona Gaynor –
Zoe Papadopoulou –
Liam Young –
Nelly Ben Hayoun – Good Wives and Warriors

Hello MoMA :: 16. Jul

Hello World will be on display at Talk To Me, the Summer Exhibition of the MoMA in New York. The show will be open from 24th of July to 7th of November.

ETH Summer School :: 11. Jul

We had an exciting weekend in Zürich. Gunnar Green and me gave a workshop called Soft Ecologies We were part of the ETH Sustainability Summer School which was organised by ETH Zürich and the Club of Rome. Jörg Hülsmann was with us to illustrate the outcomes. See one result below.


Super Cell Vienna :: 14. May

Super Cell is being presented in Vienna’s natural history museum during the Biofiction festival from 13. May to 13. June.