Not Yet Heard

When computers learn to understand sound, they will not only enable a whole new range of applications but they will fundamentally affect the way we interact with our acoustic environment. Some devices might give us access to far more specific and selective hearing experience and at the same time we might become much more aware of the sounds we produce and what they tell about us. In collaboration with Gunnar Green.


Not Yet Heard presents six possible applications for Machine Listening investigating a range of cultural shifts that could emerge around it.


Not Yet Heard is a project by Bernhard Hopfengärtner and Gunnar Green in collaboration with Prof. Mark Plumbley from Queen Mary, University of London. It is based on a research project about machine listening technology currently taken out by Prof. Mark Plumbley. The present video is a result of of the ongoing collaboration using design and design processes as a means for developing and discussing new perspectives for research.



2015 Culture Interface Numérique et Science-Fiction, Cité du Design, St. Etienne, France
2011 Glitch Fiction, Paris Design Week, Paris, France
2010 EPSRC IMPACT!, RCA, London, UK