Belief Systems

Facial micro expressions last less than a second and are almost impossible to control. They are hard wired to the emotional activity in the brain which can be easily captured using specially developed technological devices. Free will is now in question as the science exposes decision-making as an emotional process rather than a rational one. This ability to read emotions technologically result in a society obsessed with their emotional reactions. Emotions, convictions and beliefs which usually remain hidden, now become a public matter. “Belief systems” is a video scenario about a society that responds to the challenges of modern neuroscience by embracing these technological possibilities to read, evaluate and alter peoples behaviours and emotions.


The likelihood of a newly married couple being divorced within 15 years can be predicted with an accuracy of over 90% by looking at their facial expressions. The expression of contempt is one of the key indicators. A video filter performing real time alterations to facial expression helps couples over difficult times.


In visual backward masking, the visibility of a briefly presented image is disrupted by a mask image that is presented shortly thereafter. The recipient will show emotional reactions without consciously processing the first image. Surprise Vending Machines show an array of products from a selected category and deliver the favorite item according to facial expression analysis. People will be surprised and still get the product they want.


2018 Moscow Bienniale of Young Art, VPA Soljanka, Moscow, Russia
2013 Dream Team, Cité du Design, St. Etienne, France
2012 Potenzial, Galerie Rothamel, Erfurt, Germany
2011 Beijing Design Triennial, National Museum of China, Beijing, China
2010 What If…?, Wellcome Trust, London, UK
2009 Show RCA, RCA, London, UK